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The new Rung Rack is a legendary innovation by Paintman Industries. This Ladder safety painting tool help create better efficiency when painting from heights. Using the patented Roller frame holder and a better bucket holding device is guaranteed to help your production.
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 Use the Rung Rack on all your extension ladders. Its universal design allows painters to brush, spray & roll faster using our patented bucket stabilizing system & paint roller frame holder. No more resting your tools on the rungs of the ladder!


The Rung Rack is constructed using solid steel, we guarantee this tool will last, and it will be there for you when you need it most. We pride ourselves on developing superior tools for all your painting needs.



The Rung Rack securely holds your professional tools right where you need them. Our handy design allows the use of left and right-handed users. The Rung Rack inserts into the D-rung of your extension ladders and comes with a removable sleeve to fit ladders of different sizes.

Lifetime Warranty


Only Steel parts are covered under a lifetime warranty. Warranty will cover any steel parts that are deemed broken or unusable. Product must be returned with original proof of purchase receipt to  Paintman Industries LLC.
Please contact us via our email address for any returns, Thank you.