We will awnser questions and help all those in need of problem solving. I will be offering my Paintman Industries products for sale and links to all the tools you will need to complete these projects yourself. I will be offering also a service which will allow you to speak to me directly with any questions you may have about building your painting business, developing your own products or simply finding time to be creative. At Paintman Industries we are dedicated to solving problems in the coatings realm and also in the applications of these coatings. I want to help you succeed and become a more productive and goal oriented painter. Ive run my company for 13 years and have had many employees and also worked alone. Whatever your business challenges are Paintman Industries can help. If you simply want to paint your own projects, furniture,steel,homes,businesses I am avaialble to help you. I can provide you with a detailed list of every single thing you need and exactly the steps needed in order to complete the projet. This list is available for a small fee once we see the details of your project. Youll be happy to know exactly what products from which manufacturer you need and how to thin, apply, sand and finish them to a very high level of quality. And last but not least we remind you to follow us, check back for updates and stay posted for the latest posts as we share our products and knowledge.

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