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Rung Rack, a professional painting tool. Holds: Spray guns, masking machines, buckets, caulking guns, Paint roller frames and more!

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The Rung Rack is an all new painting tools holder designed by a professional painter for professional painters. The Rung Rack was designed for ladder safety & efficiency. Paintman Industries encourages painters to use safe ladder practices whether you are a seasoned professional or DIY painter. Using the Rung Rack will help you feel more comfortable working from extension ladders and improve your working speed. Using the Rung Rack is easy, simply insert the plastic end into the D-Rung hole in the side rail of the extension ladder.Attach the provided safety strap around the side rail and begin. This painting tools holder works as a cantilever and will hold a magnitude of items a painter will need to do his or her job. The Rung Rack is comprised of two specifically designed devices. One is outfitted with the first bucket stabilizing system of its kind. Allowing the Painter to work from his bucket without the bail getting in the way, or the bucket flopping around. The bucket stabilizer bars create a strong support for the buckets to minimize unnecessary movement. Simply hang the buckets bail/handle over the rubber handle of the Rung Rack. This will hold the bucket in place. Second, the Rung Racks was designed to hold your paint roller frame and extension pole. When your spraying and back rolling you can now set your roller frame in the Rung Racks patents pending paint roller frame holder. And grab your spray gun which also hangs on the Rung Racks center bar. So NOW! when your painting from heights you can easily set your tools (spray gun, Paint bucket, Caulking gun, Masker & Roller ) on the Rung Rack and you can perform your work in a more safe & effective way. The Rung Rack is a professional painting tools holder, allowing Painters more time holding onto the ladder. When using the Rung Rack, you will be able to spray, roll, mask and caulk faster from your extension ladder than ever before. You will find you need it on every exterior or interior paint job.
We started Paintman Industries when we couldn’t find the tools we needed to be more efficient, so we decided to make our own. We will continue to develop tools specifically geared for you the professional. We look forward to your feedback and we hope you enjoy using the Rung Rack.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 23 x 10 x 4 in
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  1. sonomaezra

    WOW, this tool is amazing!! I’ve never been more comfortable spraying from a ladder as I did with the Rung Rack. I’ve been painting for years and never had a place to put my roller and pole! Great Job Paintman.

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